Welcome to Marauder Moments - a chronicle of the Mortimer Street Marauders; the games we play, the rules we use, the figures we play with and the scenery they fight over. Hope you enjoy these pages and maybe call back to catch up with our escapades.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

I'm a lazy bugger!

Someone recently contacted me to say how much they miss the blog! This was quite touching & led to a pang of guilt, briefly. We four or five Marauders still play every week and yes it's still Napoleonics with General d'Armee. Over the Summer we played some Pike & Shot games with Rich's amazing Turks & Poles & also French Tony's beautiful ECW collection in his new gaming "chalet". We even squeezed in a WW2 Pacific naval game. I have not bothered to post in ages - sorry.

The last few weeks have seen us practicing Napoleonic attack/defense tactics in GdA in preparation for this coming weekend when we revisit the Wargames Holiday Centre to see Mark Freeth, Dave Brown & the gang to re-fight Bautzen 1813. I'll be mounting up as Blucher and taking whatever they throw at me... wish me luck.

I will post a Battle Report and try to get back to more regular service. Best wishes,